Homemade Multiple-Choice Braille Answer Sheet

Making a multiple-choice answer sheet a sighted person can use when administering a test to a blind applicant is sometimes a necessity. The following describes an answer sheet I made several years ago for a sighted person who needed to give an amateur radio examination to a blind applicant.

For this purpose, I designed and used a single sheet of paper that contained 25 numbered lines with five rectangular blocks per line. The top line contained the letters: a, b, c, d and e--with each letter positioned above the appropriate block. I prepared this exam sheet on a computer loaded with a braille translation program.

On each line, I wrote the appropriate number and followed it with a series of five "andxy" combinations. The braille and sign produced the left end of a rectangle, the "x" lengthened its sides, and the "y" served as the rectangle's right end. The braille translation software did its thing and--voila, there it was!

After creating and saving this original file, I found there have been numerous occasions when it has been convenient to retrieve and adapt this file to produce similar multiple-choice answer sheets.

Contributor: Fred Gissoni


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