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According to our anonymous friends at Wikipedia, the term "w00t" is a slang interjection used to express happiness or excitement, usually over the Internet. is an online shopping site that sells one name-brand electronics item a day at insanely cheap prices, hence the site's "one day, one deal" motto. The only catch is that the site has extremely limited quantities. You snooze, you lose.

You may find a digital camera one day, a data projector the next, and a DVD-burner the day after that. That's one of the cool things about woot: You have no idea what the site is going to offer next. Even if you never buy anything at woot, the site's product descriptions are downright hysterical as is the FAQ.

Screen readers will have no problems accessing the site, they even ask for suggestions to improve accessability. The site also offers a daily RSS feed.

Woot has become so popular that there are now a variety of woots you can follow: Kids.Woot, Wine.Woot, Sellout.Woot and they have created a forum for people to post deals they find on the net at Deals.woot.

Click this link to see today's deal at
Click this link to see todays deal at Kids.Woot.
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Click this link to see today's deal at Sellout.Woot.
Click this link to see today's deal at Wine.Woot.
Click this link to see all the deals at Deals.Woot.

Tracking a Woot

As I mentioned, a new product is introduced each day but there is something cool called a Woot Off. In this case, an item is introduced and will run until it sells out, then another item is immediately posted. You never know how many woots will be presented because items are very limited and go very quickly. Keeping track of a Woot Off can be difficult because you have to stay on the website and refresh the page to see if something new has appeared.

Well, our friends at MyWoot have made the process easier. Simply visit the MyWoot site and stay there. Don't do anything and when a new woot is posted, the site updates and a sound is played so you'll know immediately when a new deal is offered. How cool!

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