Accessible Graphing Calculator software sounds just right

In the market for a truly accessible graphing calculator? Then check out a product from ViewPlus Software.

AGC is a scientific calculator that provides voiced feedback for computations, as well as audio representations of graphs. The versatile AGC can import data from Excel® or a host of other applications. AGC allows you to quickly and easily create tactile copies of your AGC graphs by printing directly to any ViewPlus Embosser.

In addition to its ability to graph and display functions, AGC has features typical of a good hand-held scientific graphing calculator. It has a standard on-screen keypad scientific calculator as well as an expression evaluator which permits the user to save, define and recall constants such as those used in the physical sciences and engineering.

ViewPlus Technologies
1853 SW Airport Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97333
Phone: 541-754-4002
Fax: 541-738-6505

Contributor: Bill Brymer


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