Choosing To Use A Cane

Using a cane gives sighted people an understanding of why you do things that may seem strange to them. It helps them figure out that you need to do things differently (as opposed to thinking you are rude, not paying attention or other misconceptions they might come up with if they don't know you are blind).

Also, your knees will thank you for not running into fire hydrants anymore. Having a cane makes it much less stressful to walk down a crowded sidewalk or through a mall or store. People generally get out of your way, so you don't have to worry about accidentally running into them. It's really just a part of the process of accepting that you are visually impaired and learning to use the tools that are available. You will find people to be very helpful when they see the white cane.

Contributor: Shawn McMurdo


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For more information from a visually impaired perspective, see Shawn McMurdo's Low Vision Guide.

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