Did You Remember Your Checklist?

Checklists.com was launched on May 26, 2000 with the goal of greatly improving the lives of people everywhere by providing a wide variety of checklists which are very easy to use and concise, yet fairly comprehensive. They believe everyone should use these checklists to help avoid early death, injuries, frustrations and disappointments, and, to create, and take advantage of, opportunities for a better life.

For example, if you're going to build a campfire go through this checklist:

  • Don't take firewood from a live tree
  • Clear burnable material for at least 10 feet from your campfire site
  • Place tinder (e.g., dry grasses, shredded bark), kindling (e.g., small sticks) and firewood near your site
  • Arrange kindling over the tinder
  • Shield it from the wind
  • Light the tinder

Some things are very easy. For example, here's the complete checklist that you should consult before getting off an air mattress:

  • Take plug out

Click this link to visit checklists.com, who knows, you may find a very helpful list of important things to remember.


Anonymous said…
Like checklists? you may want to try out the CHECKLIST4U.COM - HOME OF CHECKLISTS! community. Here you will find checklists in various categories, still a limited number but it's growing. You can register for free, and share your own checklists - as well as create and keep your private checklists and to-do lists in your private section of the site.

All checklists are available in printable versions. Hope to see you there :-)


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