Filling Muffin Tins

  1. Use a greased fruit funnel. The fruit funnel has a 2-inch opening on the bottom, a 4-inch opening at the top, and an easy-to-hold handle. The grease helps to keep batter from sticking to the funnel (Pam® is a spray on product that can be used for this purpose).
  2. Position the funnel in the muffin cup and spoon the batter into it. If you use measuring cups (the 1/4 or 1/3 cup size), or a small gravy ladle, this will help when filling the cups with batter. Normally, it takes two scoops using a gravy ladle to fill a muffin cup.
  3. Lift out the funnel and pause briefly to let any batter drip into the muffin cup before placing the funnel in the next muffin cup. This helps you have a neat muffin with no splatter on the sides or top of the pan.

Contributor: Deborah Norling


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