Frying Eggs Using An Egg Ring

One tool that some cooks find valuable is the egg ring, especially for frying eggs. It makes locating and turning the eggs easier. You may wish to practice this skill with one egg before you attempt several at one time.

Place the desired number of egg rings in oil you have heated in a frying pan. Break each egg in a saucer one at a time and put an egg in each ring. The ring keeps the egg from spreading. When the eggs are firm enough to be turned over, remove each ring with an oven mitt and turn the egg over. Knowing when to turn the egg takes experience. Do one egg by itself to get an estimate of the time required. Smell is also helpful in determining when the egg has begun to cook.

Some people make egg rings out of 3-inch diameter cans instead of purchasing egg rings from a store selling house wares. The cans need to be ones that you can remove both the top and bottom.

Contributor: Fay Leach


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