How To Make An Emergency Funnel

A funnel can be useful when transferring liquid from one container to another. This is certainly true when the receiving container has an opening that is smaller than that of the sending container. When the person transferring liquid is blind, he may not have the freedom to use both hands to stabilize the container from which he is pouring. One hand will be needed to direct the flow of liquid to the receiving container.

If one has need of a funnel but does not have one readily available, it is possible to make one for emergency use by cutting away the bottom portion of a two-liter soft drink container. Flattening the container makes cutting it with sheers or a paper cutter relatively simple. Then, its flattened walls can be pushed back to their round state.

In most cases this will not be a problem, but since the soft drink containers are made of plastic, be certain that the liquid being poured through the funnel does not contain material that will dissolve part or all of your funnel.

Contributor: Fred Gissoni


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