Jordy: Magnification System for Low Vision

The Jordy system is a portable device that enhances low vision. It is a multi-purpose aid that can be worn to watch TV or a movie, view a church service or wedding, or monitor grandchildren playing. It has a 44 degree field of view. The system may also be slipped into a special stand connected to a television and it becomes a full color, white on black and black on white MV (electronic magnifier).
Some of its features are:

  • Light weight: under 10 oz.
  • Wide field of view: 44 degrees
  • Distance, intermediate, and near viewing
  • Full color with auto-focus
  • Magnification range IX - 24X
  • Magnifies TV viewing
  • Battery operated system (including power supply and charger)
  • Preset magnification
If you would like more info on the Jordy (TM) system please contact:

Enhanced Vision Systems
Toll Free: 800-440-9476

Contributor: Maria Delgado


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