Low Vision Tip To Use When Eating

When eating, it is often helpful to use a contrasting color place mat. If the table is dark, the placemat should be a light color, and the plate should be yet another color which will show up against the light placemat. Reverse this for a light color table. Some handy place mats are available which are light on one side and dark on the other.

Contributor: Floyd Hassinger

Sylvania LED Placemat

On a single set of coin cell batteries, these placemats will stay lit for about 20 hours, and they’ve been treated with Scotchgard so they’re also spill-friendly. "The SYLVANIA decorative Lighted Placemat colors your indoor world. This dynamic product uses bright, white light with long lasting, durable LED technology. Capitalize on the novelty and visual appeal of LED d├ęcor and accessories. LED accent pieces from SYLVANIA illuminate and decorate any family gathering space, from the kitchen to the dining room to the den. They’re fun, bright, and festive. With long-lasting battery power and easy cleaning, they’re always the life of the party. These Fiber-optic LED placemats add sparkle to your table."

Available in sets of 2 from the Sylvania online store.


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