Marking Your Mail

One of the hardest tasks for a blind or visually impaired person to do is keeping track of their old mail. At least for me it is. I can have somebody read to me my new mail, but if later I want to read the mail that I left for later reading, I would have to find another person to assist me in finding those again.

One way I found to avoid this problem is to open the envelope carefully so that the flap is still in one piece and use this part of the envelope to mark it with a brailler or with the slate and stylus. If for some reason the flap ripped when being opened you can always mark on the envelope itself.

I mark the envelope with the name of the sender and the date I opened it (For example: Telephone Company, June 29, 1999).

I found that this way I can go back on my own to look for what I need to have re-read again and not waste time trying to look through the pile a second or third time.

In addition, once I have prepared my bills to be mailed, but don't want to mail all of them at once, I look for small discrepancies among the envelopes in order to recognize them as to which is which. For example, some of them may have a cellophane window, others may have a window, but without the cellophane, or the texture of the paper some may be rougher than other envelopes may be.

Contributor: Mario Eiland


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