Pouches and Holsters: What To Do With A Cane When You Don't Need It

Canes used by blind people for mobility purposes come in two general types. There are rigid canes and there are ones that fold or telescope down to a small size. The purpose here is not to advance the relative merits of one type of cane over the other; in fact, I invite users of rigid canes to share their techniques for storing or placing their canes conveniently when they are not actually using them.
As for folding or telescopic canes, if you carry a purse or wear a suit, putting one of these canes away is fairly easy. If you do not wear a jacket, you may find it helpful to know that pouches and holsters exist specifically for this purpose. They may have a shoulder strap, hook/loop material, a clip or a fastener you can use for hanging them from a belt or belt loop.
There are craftsmen who make and advertise such pouches--and there is at least one cane manufacturer who offers a pouch for his product. When you arrive at a destination and do not expect to need your cane for a time, you will find that using such a device will allow you to place your cane in its pouch and yet still have it ready for almost immediate use should you have the need.
The following are links to companies that carry different types of cane holsters and pouches. Some of them are made of leather, while some others are made of a variety of fabrics.

Contributor: Fred Gissoni


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