Printable Money and Large Checks

Printable Money

So you need to teach your students how to work with money? Do you have a hard time finding play money in stores? Why not simply print your own money!

Teaching and learning how to identify and use money is an important skill to learn at an early age. These printable worksheets, lesson plans, and interactive lessons will help students master concepts of counting money with coins and bills, whether they are just beginning to learn to count coins, or if they need additional practice. Worksheets are customizable for varying abilities and ages.

Early students are encouraged to learn money skills with this reproducible play money. This site offers play money in the form of coins or bills. Pages of play money can be printed, which could later be brailled for a blind student, or printed in large print for the visually impaired. Other lessons that can be found on this site include:

  • Basic Money Skills Lessons
  • Earning and Spending Money Lessons
  • Saving and Investing Money Lessons
  • Interactive Money Lessons
Click this link to get your own printable play money:

Money with Your Picture

Motivating students can be difficult. Many teachers create reward programs where a student can receive special valtures for good work or for good behavior. Here's a fun website that will allow you to create either a $1 or $10 bill with your picture on it. Now when your students complete a task worth receiving a valture, you can hand them a bill with your picture on it that can later be turned in for a special prize. Creating the bills is easy:

  1. Choose a money bill (dollar or yen)
  2. Upload a photograph
  3. Optionally, re-position the photograph
  4. Download your final image
  5. Print your bills
Click this link to create your personalized money.

Giant Checks

Ever wondered where they get those giant checks when they give away a million dollars? Would you like to have some large checks for your visually impaired students to practice on?

Click this link to visit the TrixiePixGraphics online store for large checks, Fake Newspapers, and other novelty gifts.

Talking Balance Coin Jar

Get Organized via They have the Talking Balance Coin Jar! This jar will count your money as it is inserted and speak the total. Batteries not included.

Click this link to purchase the Talking Balance Coin Jar from


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