Rated "A" for Accessible: Movie reviews for the blind and visually impaired

Movie Review Query Engine

So, you're thinking about going to the movies or maybe renting one, but you're not sure what would be good to see. Well, on this Website, you can find movie reviews that will help you decide if a film is worth seeing or not!

Registration is free and it will give you access to premium features, such as extra reviews and to see if the film you're looking up is showing in your area. Only the blanks with "required" beneath them are necessary in order to register.

The easiest way to use this site is to search by the title of the movie. It's awesome if you know what you are looking for. For instance, I wanted to look up the Superman films. I searched for Superman, chose it from a list of movies with Superman in the title and I got to read a ton of reviews on each movie.

Don't have a movie in mind? No problem, you can search by Categories. This search engine is a drop down menu, so just choose what you want to search by and click Go. My favorite option is Recent Releases, because it's a great way to find what's in the theaters now and how they fared with other viewers. You can also check out Upcoming Releases if you want to plan your movie trip ahead of time. Or, maybe do a search for "most popular title" for the last week, previous day, last 12 hours or last three hours.

No matter how you search, you are bound to find tons of reviews on the movie of your choice. Check it out today and have fun at the movies!

Click this link to visit the Movie Review Query Engine at http://www.mrqe.com.


Being blind or having a visual impairment doesn't have to keep you from enjoying the pleasure of going to the theatre and taking in a good movie. But the truth is, some movies are easier to follow than others. Now there is Blindspots, a website that rates movies for accessibility for blind and visually impaired moviegoers.

Every movie that Blindspots' reviews receives a rating on a 1 to 10 scale. A movie earns a 10 if a blind person can follow without any assistance from a sighted assistant. A 1 score indicates a film that was next to impossible to follow, even with assistance.

Of course, the most accessible film could have a real stinker of a storyline. But the creators of Blindspots' recognize that personal taste is, well, personal. Since the sole focus of the service is to rate movies for accessibility, reviewers do not judge films for content, violence, sexuality or profanity.

The site keeps current with new releases. And its archive of reviews is growing every day. Visitor comments and questions are openly encouraged.

Click here to visit the Blindspots home page: http://www.vashti.net/blind.

Kids in Mind

Now, you can find out a movie's appropriateness for your kids before you ever leave the house. This Web site breaks each movie down into three major categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore and Profanity. They also cover substance abuse, discussion topics and the message of the movie. For each category, they list what was seen or heard in the movie.

For example, Profanity: "1 scatological term, 1 clinical scatological term, a man yells "sheep" in frustration, 2 anatomical terms, name-calling (ugly, stalker, insane, loco, jerks, Captain Ahab, fool, stupid), 4 religious exclamations." - The Evan Almighty review at Kids in Mind.

Doesn't that really break it down for you? And they do that for each category. You will know exactly what your kids might see or hear before you ever get to the theater. That way, if there is some offensive material or if it's not age-appropriate for your kids, you can veto the movie beforehand.

On the main page, you will find the newest reviews added to the site. On the right hand menu, you'll find links under the categories of This Week, Last Week and In Theaters for movie reviews.

You can also use the alphabet under the main menu near the top of the page to search by first letter or you can use their handy search engine to type in what movie you are looking for.

On the main menu, you will also find a New on Video, which gives you the same style of reviews for movies that have been recently released on video or DVD. You will also find a Help/FAQ link on the main menu, should you have any problems with the site or if a question arises.

This is an excellent tool for monitoring what your children watch.

Click this link to visit http://kids-in-mind.com.


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