Sitting Down In A Chair Or Sofa

When you are trying to place yourself in a chair or "set" yourself down on a sofa or bench, use your hands to find out whether it has a back or arms and which way it is facing. After orienting yourself in this fashion and locating the sofa or bench with your leg, turn around with your back to the seat and line yourself up against it squarely with the backs of your legs so you are able to sit down properly. You will also feel more comfortable if you feel the seat with your hand to see if anything is in the way prior to taking your seat. All this takes longer to describe than it does to complete the action at the scene.

This excerpt from the article by Carol M. McCarl first appeared in Dialogue 34 (Spring 1995) and is reprinted with permission from the publisher. Dialogue magazine is published in braille, large print, 4-track cassette and IBM compatible 3.5-inch diskette


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