Special Education Exchange Resource Web Site

In 1993, Dr. Brad R. Walker started a computer bulletin board service (BBS) called the Special Education Exchange (SpEdEx) in order to provide information to all persons interested in the field of Special Education. The web version of SpEdEx has been online since March 1996.

Whether you are an educator, professional, parent, consumer, student or someone else who has an interest in special education, you will find a variety of resources through SpEdEx. For example, SpEdEx provides links and online documents that provide access to professional, job, school and university listings, conference announcements, a discussion area and even poster sessions in easy-to-use formats. The majority of these are presented in standard web-format, along with a few that are made available in "universal" Adobe PDF format.

Since its inception, SpEdEx has relied on users to help it to grow. With this in mind, SpEdEx accepts users' suggestions with regard to content and it actively solicits articles and other materials from outside sources that it makes available for the benefit of all.

Click this link to visit the Special Education Exchange: http://www.spedex.com.


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