Tips to Improve Accessibility in the Garden

To Make Straight Garden Rows:
Electrical conduit, leftover plumbing pipe, or cheap 1/2-inch PVC pipe can be used as a guide for making straight garden rows. A three-foot length is lightweight and easy to use. Soil staples can be used to pin the pipe in place along the length of the row. The pipe serves as a guide to show where to dig with your trowel for placing seed or plants.

To Measure Evenly Between Garden Rows:
Use a length of plastic clothesline to measure from one garden row to the next. Clothesline is sturdy and rolls up easily to put into your pocket. You can hold it down with the type of clips used to fasten irrigation tubing in place. (Irrigation clips--shaped like candy canes--are convenient; however, you can make clips with coat hangers.) The distance to allow between rows should be indicated on the seed packet.

When you wish to extend the row, move the pipe and clothesline guides to the new section. Leaving one section of the pipe guide in place while adding a second in the new work area makes the layout organization easier.

Using the clothesline or pipe lengths as measuring guides helps to keep your rows spaced, but remember that many attractive gardens don't have straight rows.

Contributor: Deborah Norling


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