Using Braille Abbreviations On Games

Number signs are often omitted on games. In order to make the braille more uniform in length, the letter x may be used instead of 10 or the number sign may be used with numerals 0 through 9 and omitted before numerals 10 and larger. Suits and other necessary words are abbreviated.

Here are some examples of how a regular deck of cards might be marked:

  • gh--seven of hearts
  • ic--nine of clubs
  • fd--six of diamonds
  • es--five of spades
  • ac--ace of clubs
  • kh--king of hearts
  • qd--queen of diamonds
  • bc--two of clubs
  • xs--ten of spades
  • jo--joker

Braille playing cards, Bingo cards and a number of other braille games are readily available, or you may use a slate and a stylus to braille your own favorites.

Reprinted from Read Again: A Braille Program for Adventitiously Blinded Adults, by Hilda Caton, Eleanor Pester, and EddyJo Bradley. 1990 by the American Printing House for the Blind.


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