White Cane Safety Day

O&M trainer Pete Wurtzburger watches as a student exits a bus (1965)

The familiar white cane with the red band at the bottom is used by blind and visually impaired persons in many countries. The simple device was invented in 1930 by George A. Bonham, a member of the Lions Club in Peoria, Ill. Today, blind and visually impaired people throughout the world use Bonham's invention.

Instruction in the use of white canes is taught by schools for the blind. This includes explanations of "white cane laws" which state motorists must yield the right of way to the blind and visually impaired.

White Cane Safety Day is celebrated in the United States on October 15. On this day, Lions clubs publicize the needs of the blind and visually impaired.

For more information, contact the Program Development Department at Lions Clubs International Headquarters by e-mailing executiveservices@lionsclubs.org.


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