Accessible Public Transportation: I Know it's Out There, but How Do I Find It?

This is a good and useful question, to which the answers are not necessarily obvious. Fortunately, there are several ways to check it out. The easiest thing to do is to contact your local Department or Commission for the Blind and ask them for the information. They are your best source because they know your area and the options available to you.

Another possibility is to call your local Transit Authority. They will know what services they offer and can give you all of the information you need. You may be able to accomplish this by asking a bus driver or perhaps a cab driver, but they would probably suggest that you call their office for the information.

Internet Options
There are many sites on the internet that can provide you with information about accessible public transportation. For one, your local Transit Authority probably has a web page with information such as: operating times, reservation requirements, and of course the cost of the service. Be forewarned: it is possible that this site won't be accessible.

There is an accessible resource available to you if you live in the US. The Project ACTION Accessible Traveler's Database was created to provide information on accessible transportation services in the US. It is a very useful source if you are traveling and need information about a new city. This database includes detailed information about public operators (both urban and rural), accessible taxis, airport transportation, and hotel shuttle services. They also maintain a list of the toll-free numbers for national companies such as airlines, bus companies, Amtrak, and major hotel chains. You can find this resource at: Project ACTION Accessible Traveler's Database :

Another website you might want to check out is provided by Disability Resources Monthly: They have a list of useful links.

Enabling Technologies maintains a website with an extensive collection of links. Not only do they have links to transportation directories, they also have links to sites dealing with air, sea, and rail travel, with passports, and with the official pages of cities around the world. This resource can be found here: Enabling Technologies: http://www.braill

Public Transportation the Website

Among the Transit Facts offered by the American Public Transportation Association are reports on how much money you can save by using public transit, and how much you can reduce your carbon footprint. You'll find other reports, news, and links to other resources as well.

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