Action Figure Times and The Toy Encyclopedia

Action Figure Times

I found a site that is great for parents and kids, and is easy to use for the blind or visually impaired. The site talks about action figures, and you can get good descriptions of their appearance, and much more. Let's look at each section in detail.

The coolest link on this site for blind users is the "Fast Page" option. This gives you another way of viewing the site, just not as fancy. Speech users will want to click this link to get the "plain text" version without all the graphics.

"News" is quite self explanatory really, hear you get up-to-date news on Action Figures.

"Overheard" is where rumors surrounding the action figures lay in wait. Here you can find the latest rumors-mind you, they are rumors and may not actually be true.

"Area Reports" is where people post on the message board about the toys that they found. Have you found a great action figure? Post it here.

"What's New" is of course where you will find out what new line of action figures will be hitting the stores near you. This section will keep you on top of the toys coming out, with great descriptions.

"Toy Trivia" is where you can answer toy trivia or brush up on it by reading the previous trivia questions. Interesting questions like: "Patrick Stewart was first immortalized in plastic for the Star Trek: TNG line; prior to that, what action figure of him was planned but scrapped due to lack of interest"? Go to the site for the answer. "Toy Review" is the section that may hold the most interest for parents. This is where the action figure toys are reviewed by consumers and collectors just like you.

What a great site, dedicated to many of our TV and cartoon heros.

Click here to visit Action Figure Times:

The Toy Encyclopedia

This is a fan page as much as it is a source for information. I love discovering vintage toys, particularly if they are a little unusual or hard to find.

The site offers photos of the classic toys, as well as text articles and descriptions of each entry. You can buy toys here, and write your own article on a particular toy. Take a little time to remember when you were a kid.

Click this link to visit The Toy Encyclopedia web site:

One of the most popular action figures is Batman, and he wouldn't be complete without the famous Batmobile. Have you ever been curious about how the Batmobile got its start? If so, there's a website for you! Click this link to learn The History of the Batmobile:


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