The GED Basics

Message: Do you carry GED materials for the Blind?
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The American Printing House for the Blind does not carry the GED test itself. You must contact GED Testing Service directly to register to take a braille version of the test. Their website is APH does not carry the official GED Practice tests either. National Braille Press in Boston carries the official GED practice tests. Their phone number is 617-266-6160. The LOUIS database of accessible materials lists NBP, APH, and several other sources of GED materials. We do have the following item in our catalog and online shopping site.

The GED Basics

Now available as an audio book on CD and on a flash cartridge (mp3 files)! GED Basics, 2002 is an introductory guide to the basic skills you need to tackle the General Educational Development (GED) test:

  • Basic skills review for all question types
  • Essay-writing techniques
  • Expert study tips
  • A discussion of the GED format
  • Practice exercises and mini-tests for each subject area (Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Math)

Note: The content of GED Basics 2002 has not changed. We have discontinued the cassette tape edition and are introducing the CD and flash cartridge editions.

Note: GED Basics 2002 Braille Edition is produced on receipt of your order, therefore please allow several weeks for delivery.
Click this link to purchase the GED Basics from APH.

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