The Happy Baby Food Grinder

the Happy Baby Food Grinder has a new name, the Kidco Food Mill! This is the same grinder that has been made for over thirty years, only the name has changed.

Your happy baby will love this convenient baby food grinder that was developed by a pediatrician! The KidCo Food Mill is a sensible and simple way to prepare natural baby food that is blended to the perfect balance of smooth puree and essential bulk for easy digestion. Use at home or away to treat your infant to the wholesome goodness of fresh cooked meats, pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables. Feed directly from the 4 once capacity cup with the included serving spoon.

Plastic components are molded to meet FDA specifications for food preparation while the precision sharpened cutter and strainer are medical grade stainless steel. The entire assembly is dishwasher safe, may be sterilized and won't chip, break or crack.

YOU can make baby food far more economically and be sure of the nutritional value, with the KidCo Food Mill. The feeder is made of safe polypropylene with medical grade stainless steel components. Turns nutritious table food into healthy baby food instantly. Travels easily to restaurants, grandparents or friends. Also available with convenient carrying case - lightweight and durable.

This item is simple to use, just clean off your left-over vegitables, place them into the tube and hand crank it, while pushing the plunger. Baby food is magically extruded. My kids were eating stuffed cabbage before they had teeth. You can usually find this grinder at health food stores. You can also click this link to purchase the Happy Baby Food Grinder from the Happy Baby Products Yahoo store.


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