The Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mousetrap

I lived on a farm with my family during my teen-age years, and as wenter came, we found that field mice loved our home as much as we did. One problem that I always had with the old-fashioned mousetraps is checking to see if I caught anything. My father ended up with that job.

How does a blind person check those things anyway? Once you set the trap, I guess you would have to use a stick or something to disarm it, but then if you have a mouse in the trap, it doesn't sound right to poke around at it. You can't reach down to see if there's a mouse, it's gross for one thing, and you may trap your finger in the process.

Luckily for me, someone has solved this delemma. The Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mousetrap is a wind-up repeating trap. No bait required. Just put it two inches from the wall and for some reason the mice climb right in. A spring loaded trap door flips them into a little chamber, and they call their friends to join them.

One trap catches ten a night, and the mice don't seem to mind at all. The one that I know of is the Trap Man, sold as the Ketch-All in the US, but the Mouse Master looks like it may work just as well.

Of course, it does leave you with the problem of what to do with a daily box of live mice, but that's for another Fred's Head article.

Click this link to purchase the Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mousetrap from

The Mouse Master is available from Triton Pest Control, click this link to visit their site.


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