Kiddie Records Weekly

Welcome to Kiddie Records Weekly, Classics from the Golden Age. Their purpose is to share those classic stories with you and your children, or your grandchildren. Come here to listen to these classics with them.

All the past weeks are archived so you can spend quite some time here surfing through this collection. From Roy Rogers to Woody the Woodpecker there are some famous voices to grace your ears with.

I remember listening to these kinds of records on my record player, and going to the grocery store to get a new "Peter Pan" record. Sometimes the records came with "Read Along" books. I used to check the records out of the library every weekend as well. I want for my children and their children to be able to share the experience, even if it is through an mp3 file on the internet.

They are doing us a great service in preserving what was on these records for future generations. To surf this site you can use the side menu or you can click on the record album covers to visit different sections of the archive.

You'll notice that the albums are scheduled ahead too by date. So you have a good idea of when you want to come back for a certain album. This site is a treasure, don't you think it is time to go treasure hunting?

Click here to visit the Kiddie Records Weekly home page:

Another great site for classic records is the Children's Vinyl Record Series. From the site:

"There were a number of children's record series (vinyl records) sold in the US during the 1950's and 1960's. Among them were Tale Spinners for Children, Golden Records, Mercury Storyteller, Pathways of Sound, Telegeneral Let's Pretend and Riverside Wonderland." MP3 files can be downloaded by visiting this site! Click here to visit the Children's Vinyl Record Series website.

Stories for Kids from the Denver Public Library: Grades 0 to 4

Denver Public Library's Podcasts for Kids is a constantly-growing story resource from a variety of authors including Beatrix Potter. There are also folktales, fairy tales, interviews, songs, news, nursery rhymes, and story time favorites. Teachers First has a review and suggestions on using this site In the Classroom.

Click this link to visit Stories for Kids from the Denver Public Library at


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