Nylon Gloves: The no-stick solution to reading Thermaform braille

Sweaty or sticky fingers can make reading Thermaform braille a slow and frustrating process. There's a simple solution: get yourself a pair of lightweight nylon gloves. The gloves are typically used by product inspectors and people who handle sensitive computer and machinery parts. The nylon keeps your fingers from sticking to the Thermaform plastic yet the material is thin enough to let you continue to read the braille dots.

You can find nylon gloves at many computer and photography stores, and at online glove dealers. Buy gloves in bulk for the best price.

If you are in a pinch for a quick, low-cost solution to this sticky situation, use an old pair of panty hose. Just cut some material to fit your hand. Your fingers will literally "run" across the page.

Contributor: fred gissoni


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