Pip Squeakers sound good to blind parents

Growing up isn't hard to do -- it's keeping the kids out of trouble that's hard on parents. Well, one company, Pip Squeakers LLC, has figured out a way to help blind parents keep track of their kids: they put squeaks in their shoes.
Pip Squeakers are kids shoes with built in squeakers. Every time your baby or toddler takes a step, the shoes sound off. These audible signals give blind parents a minimal-effort means of monitoring their kids' movements. Because they're fun for kids to wear, the company also suggests that Pip Squeakers will encourage pre-walkers to take notice of and begin to move their feet and legs, preparing them for their first wobbly giant leaps.
Pip Squeakers are made in China and distributed by a small, family-run business based in New Jersey. The shoes are available in sizes 3 to 6 and come in two styles: sneakers and sandals. Both styles are made with soft cotton uppers and use hook/loop material straps for easy closure. The company's web site offers guidance in selecting proper shoe sizes and secure online ordering.

Pip Squeakers, LLC
11 Myrtle Ave.
Lebanon, NJ 08833
Phone: 908-236-4104
Fax: 908-236-4104
Web: http://www.pipsqueakers.com


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