Punctuation Made Simple with Big Dog's Grammar

There are a lot of writers out there who absolutely hate the idea of grammar. I myself am one of them. To me it seems overly complex. I probably couldn't put together a decent sentence to save my life. But now I no longer need to fear incorrectly using punctuation because this site makes it, well, simple.

At Punctuation Made Simple you can learn the correct way to use a colon, semicolon, comma, dash, or even an apostrophe. The site is broken down into a section for each one of these delightful punctuators.

Best of all not only do they explain why they are used in the correct fashion, but they give you multiple excellent examples of how they are used correctly in a sentence. I wish I had this site back in college, things would have been a little easier.
Click here to visit the Punctuation Made Simple web site: http://lilt.ilstu.edu/golson/punctuation/

Big Dog's Grammar

Here's another site to help you college students and anyone who's concerned with their writing skills. Not only does it give you the bare bones of grammar you need to be successful, but it also includes self-tests you can take to test your grasp of the concepts, as well as, an MLA Quick Guide.

You'll find navigation on the menu to the right of the Big Dog logo. It's broken down into these categories: subjects, Verbs, Prepositions, Fragments, Comma-Splices Fused Sentences, Joiners, Agreement (both Subject Verb and Pronoun Antecedent), Dangling Modifiers, Misplaced Modifiers, Parallel Structure, Reference, Pronouns, Consistency and Active/Passive Constructions. That's quite a bit to cover, so it's great it's broken down so much. What I love the most is how it breaks grammar down into layman's terms so it's easily understood. It leads you through the thought process of how it works and it leaves you with a self-test to prove you have the hang of it!

The self-tests are an important part of this Website, because they let you know if you really grasped the content you studied. You start by following the instructions for each test, type your answers in the blank text field and then click on the Submit button. The site grades your test to let you know if you're right or wrong. If you're right, it pops up with Correct. If you're wrong, it pops up with Incorrect, but it tells you what you may have done wrong. (For example, some questions have more than one answer that must be submitted in a certain way, such as men, women rather than men women).

The MLA Quick Guide is a must for any college student. When you write papers for school, they usually have to be in the MLA format. This section guides you through how to do that and what is expected of you when you use the format.

Click this link to visit the Big Dog's Grammar website at http://aliscot.com/bigdog.


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