Sources for Videos about Blindness & Related Topics

The Eyes of Me

How do you see yourself, when you can't see at all? Follow four visually impaired teenagers in Texas as they face the usual challenges of adolescence while simultaneously learning to navigate a world designed for the sighted.

Click this link to visit PBS Online to watch the audio described program The Eyes of Me.

There are several organizations which have produced informational videotapes about blindness and related topics. Many of the tapes are free to schools, groups and other organizations, or may be rented for a slight fee. For more information about specific videos, including ordering information, use the contact information provided with each source.

General Blindness Videos
Guide Dog Videos
Eye Care/Conditions Videos

General Blindness Videos

1. The American Foundation for the Blind
AFB offers more than two dozen videotapes on blindness and vision-related topics.

Sample Titles/Description:
"New What Do You Do When You See a Blind Person" -- Update of the classic movie contains common-sense tips about "hat to do when you meet someone who is blind
"Oh, I See" -- Offers tips for helping a blind student adapt to a mainstream classroom.
"Out of Left Field" -- Ideas for recreational activities that unite blind, visually impaired and sighted children.

Ordering Info: On-line ordering available.

Contact Info:
AFB Publication/Video Orders
Tel: (800) 232-3044
Fax: (412) 741-0609
Web: American Foundation for the Blind:

2. Braille Institute
The Braille Institute has a series of four videotapes in its Insight Series, "a free educational series designed to provide awareness and understanding of blindness and to encourage and motivate families, friends, professionals and educators who live and work with blind individuals."

Sample Titles/Description:
"Bright Beginnings" -- For parents of blind preschoolers
"Brighter Visions" -- Deals with the issue of blindness among the aging
"Touch 'n Go" -- Focuses on orientation and mobility issues
"Work Sight" -- Stories of blind individuals who have made successful transitions to the workplace

Braille Institute
Toll-Free: 800-272-4553
Web: Braille Institute:

3. National Federation of the Blind
The NFB and sister association National Organization of Parents and Blind Children hasve several videos available on topics of general interest.

Sample Titles/Description:
"It' OK to be Blind" -- Families tell how NFB workshops taught them skills needed to succeed in life.
"That the Blind May Read" -- Children and adults present facts about the urgent need for braille.
"It's Not So Different" -- An interview with Jim and Barbara Walker, blind parents and NFB leaders in Nebraska.
"White Canes for Blind Kids" -- Demonstrates how the use of a cane and resulting independent mobility is essential to the healthy development of a blind child.

Ordering and Contact Info:
National Federation of the Blind Materials Center
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 410-659-9314
Web: National Federation of the Blind:

4. American Printing House for the Blind

VIPS Video Library

The VIPS Video Library from Visually Impaired Preschool Services is a series of essential videos for parents of young children who are visually impaired. The VIPS Video Library offers practical and proven techniques that foster the development of children who are visually impaired or blind. Geared to parents and educators, these videos offer critical insights and strategies to help a child achieve independence.

  • Seeing Things in a New Way: What Happens When You Have a Blind Baby: Catalog Number 1-30024-DVD
  • Learning About the World: Concept Development: Catalog Number 1-30025-DVD
  • Becoming a "Can-Do" Kid: Self-Help Skills: Catalog Number 1-30026-DVD
  • Making Friends: Social Skills and Play: Catalog Number 1-30027-DVD
  • Going Places: Orientation and Mobility: Catalog Number 1-30028-DVD
  • Through Their Eyes: An Introduction to Low Vision: Catalog Number 1-30029-DVD
  • Moving Through the World: Gross Motor Skills and Play: Catalog Number 1-30030-DVD
  • Hands-On Experience: Tactual Learning and Skills: Catalog Number 1-30031-DVD
  • Successfully Adapting the Preschool Environment: Catalog Number 1-30032-DVD
  • Power at Your Fingertips: An Introduction to Learning Braille: Catalog Number 1-30033-DVD
  • Full of Hope: Catalog Number Catalog Number 1-30034-DVD
  • Growing My Way--Part 1: The Developmental Impacts of Visual Impairment: Catalog Number 1-30035-DVD
  • Growing My Way -- Part 2: The Developmental Impacts of Visual Impairment (24 to 36 months of age) Catalog Number 1-30036-DVD

Note: Not available with Federal Quota funds.
Click this link to purchase any of the videos in the VIPS Video Library.

Reclaiming Independence: Staying in the Driver's Seat When You No Longer Drive Video

Reclaiming Independence: Staying in the Driver's Seat When You No Longer Drive

Useful for both individuals and professionals, this video/resource guide will help you successfully use rehabilitation and transportation resources.

Meet Syd, Wilbert, Josephine, Blanche, Gary, and Johnny and share their stories as they make the transition from driver to nondriver. This video contains vital information that will assist in meeting your transportation needs as you evaluate your situation and the resources available to you.

Types of transportation covered include:

  • Rides with friends and family
  • Public transportation such as buses and light rail
  • Taxi cabs
  • Paratransit services
  • Air travel

The included Resource Guide contains information on:

  • Medical issues and visual impairment
  • Helpful services, instruction, and technology
  • Types of transportation and strategies that promote success
  • Resources, helpful agencies, organizations, and companies

The Reclaiming Independence video is available in either DVD or VHS formats. Both editions include a Resource Guide on cassette tape, in large print, and on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM provides computer files of the Resource Guide for embossing braille or reading with a computer or note taker (includes .brf, .html, and .txt files).

The DVD edition features additional material, including a narrated version of the Resource Guide. DVD menus are spoken aloud, making it possible for all viewers to navigate between chapters of the video and Resource Guide.

Reclaiming Independence: Staying in the Driver's Seat When You No Longer Drive Video
Catalog Number: 1-30020-DVD

Catalog Number: 1-30020-00

Optional Item:
Resource Guide, Braille Edition:
Catalog Number: 5-30020-00
Click this link to purchase Reclaiming Independence: Staying in the Driver's Seat When You No Longer Drive.

Sensory Learning Kit (SLK) Homegrown Video

Image of the Sensory Learning Kit Homegrown Video DVD cover

The Sensory Learning Kit (SLK) DVD is the latest addition to APH's Homegrown Video Series.

This DVD features Sensory Learning Kit author and workshop facilitator Millie Smith as she talks to the viewer about the SLK and as she conducts an assessment with Barb, an adult learner. As Millie talks about the purpose of the SLK, the population of learners for whom it was designed, and its various components, the viewer sees Millie interacting with Barb using different learning media and access items from the kit. This brief overview DVD provides the viewer with information about how the use of the SLK benefits learners at the sensory motor level.

Approximate run time: 20 minutes. Closed Captioned.

Sensory Learning Kit (SLK) Homegrown Video
Catalog Number: 1-30022-DVD
Click this link to purchase the Sensory Learning Kit (SLK) Homegrown Video.

Teen Scene: Portraits of Success Video

Teen Scene: Portraits of Success

Starring four Kentucky teenagers with low vision, this 39-minute video will make you laugh, warm your heart, and make you feel as though you know these teens! It's all about being successful, self-advocating, dating, playing sports, or achieving in school or on the job. Our four stars will show you how it's done. Available in VHS video or DVD formats. Closed captioned.

Teen Scene:

VHS Video: Catalog Number: 1-30011-00

DVD: Catalog Number: 1-30011-DVD
Click this link to purchase Teen Scene: Portraits of Success.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
Web site:
APH Shopping Home:

Guide Dog Videos

1. Leader Dogs for the Blind
Leader Dogs for the Blind (LDB) has three videos to offer. There is no charge for the use of these movies. They may be requested by telephone or in writing. LDB requires four weeks lead time to be sure you can receive a copy on time; return videos after viewing.

Sample Titles/Description:
"Beside Me" -- Story of Leader Dog graduate Marion Goodell with Leader Dog "Heidi," shows early blindness depression disintegrated through competent Leader Dog Training. Marion emerges from Leader Dog with complete confidence in herself and her Leader Dog "Heidi."
"Leader Dog Overview" -- This is a brief look at the facilities and the program at Leader Dog. Interviews with students in training give the viewer insight into the confidence and independence a dog gives the blind traveler.
"Leader Dog Tour" -- Leader Dog Tour has all of the highlights of the five minute version with the expanded explanations of the Student Admissions Process, Puppy Program and Leader Dog training.

Contact Info:
Leader Dogs for the Blind
P.O. Box 5000
Rochester, Michigan 48308
Phone: (248) 651-9011
Web: Leader Dog:

2. The Seeing Eye
This guide dog training center has several free videos available for loan to schools, individuals, medical and religious groups, agencies that serve the blind, and television stations.

Sample Titles/Description:
"Harnessing Freedom" -- History of Seeing Eye and demonstration of training methods
"With a Dog's Eyes" -- Capturing the Life of Morris Frank -- The life story of Morris Frank, the first person to use a Seeing Eye dog.
"Choices: Living With Vision Loss" -- Strategies for newly blind people adjusting to vision loss.
"Partners: Life with a Seeing Eye Dog" -- Inspiring, informational first-person account of bond between blind person and his/her Seeing Eye dog.
"Seeing Eye Puppy Raisers: People Like You" -- Look at the volunteers who help raise pups which will become Seeing Eye dogs.

Ordering Info:
The Seeing Eye does not fill video requests. To obtain videos, contact Motion Picture Services, P. O. Box 252, Livingston, NJ 07039, 973/992-8194 or e-mail to Please pay return postage and insurance costs; return material by parcel post or United Parcel Service. Insure each video for $250.

The Seeing Eye Inc.
Address: PO Box 375
Morristown, NJ 07963
Telephone: 973.539.4425
FAX: 973.539.0922
Website: Seeing Eye:

American Printing House for the Blind

Denver the Guide Dog DVD

Denver the Guide Dog DVD and Cover

The popular Denver video is back and it is available with Quota funds! It's a great day at APH! Heathcliff, APH Vice President Gary Mudd's hard working guide dog of fifteen years, is handing over the harness to Denver, the bouncy up-an-comer.

Produced by the Discovery Channel cable network for their Animal Planet® Pet Stories series, this video is for anyone who'd like to know more about guide dogs or would just like to meet Denver.

Celebrate with Heathcliff as he's honored after twelve faithful years of service, and meet the new kid on the block--Denver. In this episode see how Denver got his start, "made the cut" at guide dog school and was matched with Gary. Be amazed as you watch how hard the two of them have worked to become the team they are. And get out your tissue, because there's not a dry eye in the house when Denver's puppy trainer returns to find such a confident and capable guide dog!

Denver the Guide Dog DVD
Catalog Number: 1-30010-DVD

Click here to purchase these items through our Quick Order Entry page:

If you need assistance, click this link to read the Fred's Head Companion post "Purchasing Products From The APH Website Is Easy".

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
Web site:

Eye Care/Conditions Videos

1. Lions Club International
Lions clubs has educational materials and project information available for free for educators, schools and youth organizations.

Sample Titles/Description:
"Don't Be Blind to Diabetes" -- Video explains the importance of early detection of diabetes.
"Share Your Vision" -- Video shows how eyeglasses collected by students and adults in the US impact the lives of people around the world.
"Down the Street and Around the World" -- A look at Lions clubs' history or service worldwide, including blindness prevention, eye banks, dog guide training school.

Ordering Info:
To order Lions clubs videos, contact Video Placement Worldwide.
Video Placement Worldwide
Web: Lions Club:

2. A-Z Deafblindness
The managers of this web site have compiled a list of videos dealing with issues relating to deafblindness. For overview and ordering info, visit A-Z Deafblindness:

"ENABLE: People with Disabilities and Computers" is a 45-minute video produced by David Bolnick, Ph.D. The video is closed-captioned and includes narrative descriptions for the visually impaired. It is distributed on a nonprofit basis by and is available in VHS, bundled with a digitized version (VideoCD / MPEG format) which plays on most DVD players and computers.

Click this link if interested in ordering videos from

A review of this title is available on the AbilityHub web site by clicking this link:

American Printing House for the Blind
The Psychoeducational Assessment of Visually Impaired Persons Videotape

This video and booklet are for teachers and school psychologists who have not had experience with people who are visually impaired. It presents the procedures and benefits of psychoeducational assessments, which can enhance a student's educational progress. The video features Dr. Sharon Bradley-Johnson.

Closed captioned 26-minute VHS videotape and booklet: Catalog Number: 1-30003-01

? Click here to purchase this item through our Quick Order Entry page:

Students Who Are Deafblind Using APH Products Video

Students Who Are Deafblind Using APH Products

This video in APH's Homegrown Series features four students who are deafblind, ages 2 to 15 years, using various APH products in home and school settings. It provides the viewer with information about how students who are deafblind or who are visually impaired with additional disabilities may benefit from the use of APH products.

Watch Blake, Samuel, Tyler, and Lynn interacting with various APH products, including On the Way to Literacy books, Web Chase game, Rib-It-Balls, and the Perkins Braillewriter. Parents and teachers talk about their children's vision and hearing loss, some of their educational goals, and how their children benefit from APH products.

Running time: approx. 20 minutes. Closed captioned.

Students Who Are Deafblind Using APH Products Video:

VHS Version:
Catalog Number: 1-30017-00

DVD Version:
Catalog Number: 1-30017-DVD
Click this link to purchase Students Who Are Deafblind Using APH Products. Playing the Crucial Role in Your Child's Development and Beginnings

These two items give parents or teachers of infants who are visually impaired many easy-to-follow suggestions. The short video and more detailed book present ways of building critical skills such as reaching, grasping, midline coordination, walking, etc. Recommended ages: birth to 2 years, for parents and professionals.

Playing the Crucial Role in Your Child's Development (VHS video):
Catalog Number: 1-08341-00

Beginnings: A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers of Visually Impaired Babies (print handbook):
Catalog Number: 7-11710-00

Opening Doors Through An Act to Promote the Education of the Blind

This 20 minute VHS video presents an overview of the 1879 Act to Promote the Education of the Blind. With students as the focus, this presentation concentrates on the Federal Quota Program, the annual census of blind students, and the role of Ex Officio Trustees in the administration of the Act. For more information, call the APH Department of Field Services, ext. 300.

The Good Tactile Graphic: A Two-Tape Video Presentation and Booklet

Good Tactile Graphics

Helps braille transcribers of all skill levels design clear and meaningful tactile graphics. Tapes offer a wealth of information woven into the story of an angel who desperately needs tactile graphics showing him how to operate his wings. Closed captioned.

The Booklet

Expands on the videos by providing specific guidelines for the design of tactile graphics, further resources, and samples of some of the tactile graphics depicted in the videos.

The Good Tactile Graphic (two VHS videotapes plus booklet):
Catalog Number: 1-30006-00

Guidelines, Resources, and Samples (booklet only):
Catalog Number: 7-30006-00
Click this link to purchase Good Tactile Graphic: A Two-Tape VHS Video Presentation and Booklet.

CVI Perspectives Video

CVI Perspectives Video

This video explores cortical visual impairment (CVI) from three perspectives: medical, educational, and personal.

Neonatologist Dr. Alan Lantzy presents a medical perspective on the causes of CVI. APH CVI Project Leader Dr. Christine Roman presents an educational perspective focusing on characteristics and recommended approaches. Finally, seven families talk about their personal experiences from the difficulty of the diagnosis to finding help and hope.

CVI Perspectives Video

Catalog Number: 1-30014-00

Catalog Number: 1-30014-DVD
Click this link to purchase the CVI Perspectives Video from APH.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
Web site:
APH Shopping Home:

General Disability-Related Videos

The New England ADA Center and No Limits Media have released informative videos featuring students with disabilities sharing their strategies for successfully staying in school, graduating and getting jobs. Students reveal their struggles with self-reporting their disability, and negotiating accommodations in school and at work. These videos can be used as part of trainings (each video is 7-9 minutes) and shared with students and other professionals. The videos are open captioned and can be viewed by clicking this link.


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