DECtalk for USB

Access Solutions' latest synthesizer; the DECtalk USB weighs only 9 ounces and measures 5.5x3.6x1.1 inches. Its features include a Motorola DragonBall 150Mhz processor, 32Mb SDRAM, 16Mb flash memory, a 2.50 inch built-in speaker for higher speech quality, 6 languages, and 7.5 times more processing power then the retired DECtalk Express for instant responsiveness.

The DECtalk USB is a serial text to speech synthesizer capable of being connected to a computer via a standard USB or RS232 serial port. Utilizing todays modern technology, the DECtalk USB is extremely responsive and delivers a quality of speech that you would only expect from DECtalk. Unlike most serial synthesizers, the DECtalk USB takes full advantage of the high speed transfer rates of the USB bus. In simple terms, start and stop speech commands to the synthesizer appear to be instantaneous.

As an added bonus, the DECtalk USB comes equipped with a standard RS232 serial port and is 100% backwards compatible to the retired DECtalk Express. That means you can unplug the DECtalk Express and plug in the DECtalk USB and continue without any drivers needing to be changed. With support for such programs as Dolphin, Window-Eyes, Jaws for Windows, kurzweil, OpenBook, Vocal-Eyes, jaws for DOS, asap for DOS the DECtalk USB synthesizer provides a reliable solution to your speech needs. Supported Operating Systems include Linux, Dos, DOS boxes, and Windows 9x/Me/2K/nt4/XP Home/Pro.

For more information please contact:

Access Solutions
4536 Edison Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821
Phone: 916-481-3559
Fax: 916-482-2250


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