Technical, Scientific and Mathematical Tables in Braille

Braille copies of more than 400 standard technical, scientific and mathematical tables found primarily in high school and college textbooks are available for purchase from the Braille Technical Tables Bank of the National Braille Association. The collection includes standard tables found in mathematics, computer science, statistics, chemistry, physics, finance, and other subjects.
A great idea for transcribers is to insert these tables into their textbook transcriptions and avoid brailling the standard tables.
Free catalogs are available from NBA. Some of their titles include:
Periodic table of the elements
Mileage chart in kilometers
Powers, roots, and reciprocals table
Dietary allowances
Trigonometric functions, natural and logarithmic table
A brief table of integrals Normal curve, areas and ordinates
Reference tables for general chemistry
Table of metric units of measurement
Table of English units of measurement
Factorials tables
Normal curve, areas and ordinates table
Regression and least squares tables
Statistics tables
Fraction, decimal, and percent equivalents table
Multiplication table
Metric conversion tables
Present value of $1 at compound interest table
Metric system tables of data
Area and volume formulas tables
Conversion table
Table of units of measurement

For more information or to order a catalog please contact:

National Braille Association
3 Townline Circle
Rochester, NY 14623-2513
Phone: 716-427-8260
Fax: 716-427-0263

Quick Reference Braille Guide

Charlotte W. Ovard's website contains The Quick Reference Braille Guide and Braille and Nemeth Charts, written and designed as tools for the Braille Student or Braille Transcriber and Translator who is already familiar with Braille. These tools serve as quick memory joggers and include examples for Braille rules and symbols.
The Quick Reference Braille Guide is also available in Braille. For a copy of this Guide in Braille, please contact Charlotte Ovard at the email address listed below.
The Quick Reference Braille Guide and Braille and Nemeth Charts can be viewed, accessed, and printed by going to the Braille Rules/Charts Icon on her site at . For more information, contact:

Charlotte Werner Ovard
Braille Transcriber/Translator
Granite School District
Special Services - Vision Department - Braille
2589 South Main, Room 223
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Phone: 801-646-4633


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