Trail Link: Your Guide To Summer Fun

"Welcome to TrailLink, the most robust source of FREE trail information on the Web. We invite you to search the TrailLink database for detailed information on surface types, access points, locations, distances, services, reviews, photographs and local links for America's 1,250 rail-trails, plus many other canal towpaths, greenways and non-rail-trails."

Who could create a better introduction than that? I hope it gets you fired up to go trail blazing this summer? I can't wait to investigate some of the local trails near me.

The greatest thing is that it's FREE. There is also the fact that it helps you find great trails near you or in places you may vacation to. You can search by keyword, state, or by activity. I used the state because I wanted to find what was nearest to me, but if you have a great activity in mind I highly recommend that option.

If you have someone you want to get out into nature that needs the use of the wheelchair-choose wheelchair in the activity option and find great areas that are wheelchair accessible. This search also works well for those of us who use dog guides.

If you are traveling out of the country and want to hit the trails in the country you are visiting why don't you visit the "Trails Around the World" section of the site. Makes planning things to do while you are out of the country a little easier, don't you think?

Click here to visit the Trail Link site:


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