Braille Bullets?

Message: I am Brailling a formal document, with a list that I would ordinarily put bullets in front of. Is there some kind of symbol in Braille that serves the same purpose, or do I simply make the list? Also, with MS Word, people often put headings in bold font. Is the italics Braille symbol the best way to do this, or is there some other symbol? Thanks for any ideas.

If you're doing a "formal" document, here are the quotes from Braille Formats (See

The rules say you probably don't need the bullets in the list. Rule 7 Section 2a3 of Braille Formats says:

"3) Bullets, hollow dots, check marks, and other signs printed before each listed item solely for visual effect must be ignored in braille".

As for bold headings, Rule 3, Section 12 says the following:

"Special typefaces ignored. Ignore special typefaces for the following. Chapter titles and other headings except paragraph headings".

Many braille readers find excessive emphasis a pain to read. However if you really want the bullets there, use dots 3 6, 3 6 followed by a space.


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