CardAvenue: Buy, Sale, and Trade Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Do you still have that gift card that your grandma gave you last year? You know you'll never use it. Why not trade it for something you will use?

CardAvenue is the industry leader for gift card exchange and gift card auctions.

At CardAvenue gift card swap and auction transactions are protected by Cardcowboy balance verification on most cards valued at over $100. For gift cards valued less than $100 all transactions are secured with a $10 deductible.

Registration is free and you can setup your gift cards wish list in minutes. After setting up your wish list you can make all of your unwanted gift certificates available for trade on

Why trade your gift cards instead of just auctioning them?

You can trade gift cards at equal face value on If you know you are going to spend the value of your card at one of your favorite retailers, you can probably get more store credit on a gift card than you can cash in an auction. Gift card auctions are also available, because after all, cash is the most universal tender without an expiration date.

Gift cards and gift certificates are expected to appear on half of all holiday wish lists this year according to a survey on gift cards by the National Retail Federation. The term gift certificate is now commonly used interchangeably with gift card. The distinction between the two was originally in the added ability to refill for re-use, and even reissue modern gift cards - features previously absent from traditional gift certificates. Be sure to read the specifics of each card listing before bidding or trading so you understand the redemption requirements and rules. The term gift card and gift certificate are used interchangeably throughout CardAvenue service descriptions.

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