Find Free Wi-Fi

Looking for free Wi-Fi in your area? Are you preparing for a trip? Well offers a really nice service where you can choose states from a menu, and MetroFreeFi will generate a Notes file for your iPod or compatible notetaker. Drop the files on your iPod or notetaker and you're good to go!

I thought I knew most of the free Wi-Fi spots in Louisville, but the MFF file showed me about a dozen I was unaware of. Some of the notes even detail special procedures for getting a WEP key for particular locations.

It's a free service, and well worth the time. Click this link to find Wi-Fi hotspots in your area:

“At you’ll find your local free wifi and power ready laptop spots. We have over 300 tried and tested cafes listed worldwide where you can power up your laptop, surf the web for free and enjoy a coffee.”

Click this link to visit


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