The Globe: Tactile and Visual

The Globe

This table model is a standard 12-inch political globe covered with a tactile clear plastic overlay. Among the overlay's features are continent outlines, higher and lower elevations, and raised latitude and longitude lines. Metal stand with a wood base. Recommended ages: 10 years and older.

The Globe:
Catalog Number: 1-01551-00
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Oregon Scientific internet-updateable SmartGlobe

Learning about our global neighbors is easy and fun! The whole family will enjoy interactive lessons, complete with 30 English and 6 Spanish activities. Experience quiz games about countries, capitals, major cities, populations, languages, currencies, time, distances, history, science and current events.

The Smart Pen can be programmed for age-appropriate content, and take the Globe on the road - it works with headphones. Downloadable information is kept current with weekly Web updates. Please note: SmartGlobe is for PC use only and is not currently Mac-compatible.

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Always Current Talking Globe

This talking USB earth globe connects to your computer and allows you to download weekly updates about nation states, governments, political boundaries, culture etc.

There are thirty learning activities with facts about countries, geography, currency, political leaders, history, language, and population. All activities are narrated in a clear digital voice. Once a category is selected on the control panel, users place the stylus on a country to listen to up-to-date global info, or they can compare the currency, population, and travel times of two countries by moving the stylus between the two nations.

Young geographers can test their knowledge in "Find" mode; the globe asks up to four players to find countries, capitals, and cities, and users race against the clock to locate the correct locations with the stylus.

Simply connect the included USB cable to a PC running Windows Vista or XP and access the manufacturer's website to download current statistics and world news. The globe measures 14(H) x 12(W) x 12(D) inches. Download service is free for the first year.

Click this link to purchase The Always Current Talking Globe from the Hammacher Schlemmer website.
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APH 150th Anniversary Essay Contest

First Place Winner: Grades 3-5
Mohamed Hadi Somji


On October 17th, a blushing baby was born to the tropical breeze of African land. In three day's time, the newborn suffered from hypoglycemia, damaging his nerves, visually impairing him for life. Devastated, his parents fled to London for immediate treatment. No treatment could be performed, leaving them to pray for his well-being and success. Realizing their child would not be given opportunities in Africa, they moved to America to unlock his potential.

The move was extremely hard to adapt, and I was put into a school feeling odd and helpless, amidst regular people. At that moment, I wished to be like them. I wished to be able to see, to play games, to read. I opened my eyes to see this was never possible since I was legally blind. When I arrived home that day, mom had ordered APH products from a catalog provided by the Division of Blind Services. Soon, I received books with large print, an electronic magnifier, a visual globe, and a talking book player! I started to glow inside, and felt as if I had a chance to be independent. Why couldn't I be the next scientist, or the greatest writer? Why me, why not?


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