Grocery Cart Containment Systems

The next time you find yourself pushing a shopping cart through a grocery store, you may not realize you're pushing the latest in shopping cart technology. That is until, you try to push it off the parking lot.

I have a Wallgreen's near my home, and we do all our simple shopping there. We used to put our things in the cart, take them home, and return the cart to the store. This became more difficult when the cart began locking up on us about half way through the parking lot. Now, we have to pack everything home. This usually causes bags to be broken, items to be lost, and we don't purchase as much because we can't pack it all.

The secret behind the GS2 Comprehensive Cart Containment System is its new-fangled wheels. These wheels are designed to automatically lock when someone tries to push it beyond the perimeter of the store parking lot.

Buried underneath the parking lot pavement is a "perimeter antenna" that carries a locking signal. When a shopping cart wheel passes over the antenna, the locking signal prevents the wheel from rolling. The signal reaches up to about 5 feet above ground-level.

Store employees are equipped with remote controlled "Cartkeys", that sends a wireless signal to the wheels causing them to unlock. My wife continues to go on a "cart rebellion" and drives the cart as far as it will go, and leaves it stuck, right in the middle of the parking lot.

Click this link for more information on the GS2 Cart Containment System:


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