I Need To Get Off The Phone

It's a Saturday afternoon, the snacks are ready, and you're excited to watch the final episode of your favorite show on television. Suddenly, the phone rings. You try and try to end the conversation, but it just goes on and on! The last thing you want to be is rude, but man, you really want to go!

Don't you wish you could send a signal to the other person that you really want to get off the phone? If only the kids would come in, or if someone would come to the door. Let me tell you about a site that can help: SorryGottaGo.com.

This site is great for helping you get off the phone, either at home or the office. Simply choose the excuse you need, click the link, and in a few seconds, the sound will be playing out your computer speakers. Sounds include:

  • Someone's at the door
  • My ride is here (honking horn)
  • I can't hear you (jet noise)
  • I can't hear you (street noise)
  • I can't hear you (conversations)
  • The car alarm just went off.
  • Something's wrong with my computer
  • The office party is starting
  • There's another call
  • There is a fire drill
  • There's my pager
  • There's my cellphone
  • I have a customer (cash register)
  • The boss just came in
  • There's static on the line
  • I can't hear (construction)
  • There's the door bell
  • The baby is crying
  • I've got to feed the cat
  • I can't hear you (Helicopter noise)
  • My wife, husband,just got home
  • Uh oh, something just broke
  • I don't like thunder
  • The kids are fighting
  • The tea kettle is boiling over
  • The house alarm just went off

New sounds are being added so you're sure to find something to help you get out of that annoying phone conversation. Click this link to visit SorryGottaGo.com.


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