Santa's in the Building!

After several meetings, and a lot of coffee, your group/organization has decided to have a Christmas party this year. Who gets to play Santa? Let me guess, you got the job? Now you get to purchase the suit without getting a second mortgage on your home to finance it. Don't worry, you came to the right place to find the perfect costume.

You can purchase a variety of Santa Suits from the Oriental Trading Company. The suit includes the jacket, drawstring pants, 11" Santa cap, beard with elastic strap and boot covers, pipe and glasses. One size fits most adults.

Now, there's no reason you should have all this fun by yourself. After all, you'll need someone to guide you to the front of the room. Get your wife involved with her own Miss Claus Suit. The felt dress has an elastic waist with an attached belt. Includes a 11" x 18" felt santa cap. One size fits most adults.

Won't you guys look great? Who knows, you may be asked to do this every year! Click this link to learn more about the Delux Santa Suit from the Oriental Trading Company. You may also wish to call them toll free at 800-875-8480.


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