Sunblades Are More Than Sunglasses

Here's a new type of eyewear that might really take off, and may prove to be benefitial for some of us.

Sunblades are not really sunglasses, in that they don't block out light. Rather, they create a band of shade around your eyes to block out glare, allowing you to see more clearly.

You can get all kinds of shapes and sizes to enhance that "look" you're trying to create. They even have batman style Sunblades.

Recently, the maker of Sunblades came out with a line of products called, "Sunblade Shades" which attaches a set of removable sunglass lenses to the Sunblades. Apparently, the producers of Master Blasters, a sci-fi television show, thought Sunblade Shades were so cool, they had their characters wear them.

For more information, or to purchase, click this link:


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