Use Outlook Express to Create a Web Page

Don't have a web page editing program? Don't know HTML? No sweat. Anyone can write an email-so why not use Outlook Express to design your web page.


That's right. If you can make a rich text email you can save it as a web page. It won't be the fanciest site on the net, but at least you'll have something for people to visit.

Before we get started, you should create a folder called "Web Page" to save the HTML files and pictures in. Any pictures you will be using should be in there first.

Click "Create Mail" just like you do when writing an email. Go to "Format" and make sure it is set to "Rich Text (HTML)".

From here get as creative as you can. Keep in mind the design principals mentioned in previous Fred's Head articles.

You can add a background color by going to "Format", choosing "Background" then "Color". Select one from the list.

Next you can specify the size of your font and select the color. Unfortunately you cannot specify your font-it will open using the viewer's default font (probably Times or Arial). Want the text centered? You can do this too by clicking the "center" text format button on the toolbar.

How about a picture? Just go to "Insert", "Picture" and browse your way to the "Web Page" folder you created on your hard drive and grab the image you want. Folks with some vision can also click the "Insert Picture" button on the toolbar (it looks like a mountain). Highlight and delete all the file information in front of the actual picture file name. When you click "OK" you'll get a box with a red X, but that's fine for now.

Once your page is just the way you want it, you can save it as a web page. Go to File/Save As and change the save as type to "HTML Files". Give the file a name-the first page of a web site should always be called "index.htm". Put it in your "Web Page" folder.

Now the page and pictures need to be put on the internet. Follow the uploading instructions for your server-each one is different or I would explain how here. Make sure that you also upload the picture too.

There you go. Remember, it's not the best way to make a web site, but it works, and talk about accessability? Have fun and be creative.


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