What is Beta Software?

Occasionally the American Printing House for the Blind will offer software under a beta release. No, you don't get a cute fish with your programs, but you do get to check out some great programs before they are released to the general public.

A beta release of any program is a version that has been through extensive in-house testing by the company who made it and has been released for public use, usually with very minimal support.

Beta testing is an advanced phase that tells the company how well their program works for real-world users with all the possible different operating systems, settings, and other programs on their machines. The company usually encourages these beta users to give feedback so they can fix any little wrinkles before the general release of the "real" version and answer the most common questions in the help files and guides.

In the case of beta software from APH, you should not expect to receive phone support from our Customer Service department. Many programs have an email list where beta testers communicate with one another about the software they are testing. Please refer to the APH website for more information on any beta release: http://tech.aph.org.


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