Adult Non-Fiction Books from APH

Here's just a sample of books available from the American Printing House for the Blind. For more titles visit our website: and click on the Louis link.

ABC's of Braille by Bernard M. Krebs, 1973

Catalog Number: 5-00200-00

Teaches the basics of braille.

Handbook for Learning to Read Braille by Sight by Leland Schubert, 1966

Regular print:
Catalog Number: 7-51450-00

Beyond TV Dinners by Patricia Canter, 1978

Catalog Number: 5-13080-00

Large print:
Catalog Number: 4-02470-00

Includes beginning to intermediate cooking skills and recipes.

Cooking Without Looking by Esther Knudson Tipps, 1988

Large print:
Catalog Number: 4-04060-00

Catalog Number: 5-26140-00

Self-Esteem and Adjusting with Blindness by Dean W. and Naomi R. Tuttle, 1996

Catalog Number: 5-00500-00

Large print:
Catalog Number: L-96229-00

This classic book explores: the development of self-esteem, adjusting with blindness, and fostering self-esteem. Includes material from biographies and autobiographies of people who are blind. Second edition.

Robert's Rules of Order by Robert M. Henry, 2000

Catalog Number: T-N1414-20

Long considered the authority on parliamentary procedure, this manual is a necessity for anyone who holds meetings.

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