BigFoot Bottle Inversion Cap

Given the new design of ketchup bottles, this might not be such a BIG idea but for certain annoying sauce bottles, this could be the bomb. BigFoot replaces ordinary bottle caps to allow most bottles to stand upside down. BigFoot provides a wide, stable base to prevent the bottle from tipping over, and its unique cap design fits most popular sizes of plastic bottles.

One of the things I find rather difficult to do as a blind person is pouring syrup for pancakes. Once you tip the bottle over you have no idea when the syrup will start flowing. You could sit there for a long time waiting for the syrup. Don't shake the bottle or you could get tons of it on your pancakes. Big Foot would always have the syrup ready for you. You will finally know that the syrup is at the end of the bottle, ready to pour. Click this link to purchase Big Foot and never waste the last drop of any bottled product.


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