Denver the Guide Dog DVD

Denver the Guide Dog DVD and Cover

The popular Denver video is back and it is available with Quota funds! It's a great day at APH! Heathcliff, APH Vice President Gary Mudd's hard working guide dog of fifteen years, is handing over the harness to Denver, the bouncy up-an-comer.

Produced by the Discovery Channel cable network for their Animal Planet® Pet Stories series, this video is for anyone who'd like to know more about guide dogs or would just like to meet Denver.

Celebrate with Heathcliff as he's honored after twelve faithful years of service, and meet the new kid on the block--Denver. In this episode see how Denver got his start, "made the cut" at guide dog school and was matched with Gary. Be amazed as you watch how hard the two of them have worked to become the team they are. And get out your tissue, because there's not a dry eye in the house when Denver's puppy trainer returns to find such a confident and capable guide dog!

Denver the Guide Dog DVD
Catalog Number: 1-30010-DVD
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