How to Play Seven-Card Stud

Players make their best five-card poker hands using the seven cards dealt to them individually. Multiple rounds of betting occur as the cards are dealt.


  1. Collect the ante from each player.
  2. Begin the game by dealing three cards to each player, the first two face down and the last face up.
  3. Follow with a round of betting.
  4. Deal the fourth, fifth and sixth cards face up to each player, with a round of betting after each card is dealt.
  5. Deal the seventh and final card face down to each player.
  6. Finish with a round of betting.
  7. Determine the winner.

Your position at the table can often dictate your playing style. For instance, if you're last to play, you might try to bluff and steal the pot when appropriate. If you're first to play while holding a strong hand, you might bet small and allow players after you to drive up the stakes.   

Seven-Card Stud requires a keen eye, as many cards are visible on the table. Making deductions based on the cards you can see is part of a winning strategy.   

Don't walk into a casino or card house expecting to win until you've practiced the game on your own and understand it thoroughly. Experienced players at these tables look forward to relieving "live fish" of their money, and you could end up learning expensive lessons.


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