Hurricanes Katrina & Rita Web Archive and Described DVD

"Internet Archives and many individual contributors created a comprehensive list of websites documenting the historic devastation and massive relief effort due to Hurricane Katrina. The sites were crawled between the dates of September 4 - October 17th. This collection, containing more than 25 million searchable documents, will be preserved by Internet Archive with access to historians, researchers, scholars and the general public."

Click this link to visit the Hurricanes Katrina & Rita Web Archive:

Hurricane Katrina: The Storm That Drowned a City

This is a pretty straightforward look at the storm that killed some 1,300 people and destroyed 600,000 homes. A PBS NOVA episode, it concentrates primarily on the storm itself, as well as flaws in New Orleans' levees, pointing out that scientists accurately predicted the impact of a strong hurricane on New Orleans a year before it happened!

"Hurricane Katrina: The Storm That Drowned a City"
(WGBH, 2006, not rated
Extras: Widescreen, printable materials, optional English subtitles, described video for the visually impaired, chapters.

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