Let's See: Vision Development Activities Kit

Let's See Sensory Activities Kit
Let's See is a program designed to develop visual skills in young children who are visually impaired or multiply disabled.
Two stages, sold separately, are:
  • Sensory Activities Kit: Builds basic visual skills essential to concept development. Includes materials that utilize daylight, dim light, and flashlight
  • Activities to engage initial visual interest and keep and localize visual attention.
  • Perceptual Activities Kit: Builds on Sensory Activities to help students develop visual-perceptual and visual-discrimination proficiency. Brightly-colored, glowing, and flashing materials are used in these activities.
Let's See: Vision Development Activities:

Perceptual Activities Kit (Includes large print manual):
Catalog Number: 1-08151-00

Manuals Available Separately

Sensory Activities Manual

Braille Edition:
Catalog Number: 5-08141-00

Cassette Edition:
Catalog Number: C-08141-00

Perceptual Activities Manual

Braille Edition:
Catalog Number: 5-08151-00

Cassette Edition:
Catalog Number: C-08151-00
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