Loving Me: A Guide to Creating and Presenting Workshops on Self-Esteem

Loving Me

Loving Me, written by Billy T. Brookshire, is designed for those who seek to help people who are blind and visually impaired, their families, and the professionals who work with them explore the origin and expression of their self-esteem in a workshop format. Loving Me's packaging in large print with a CD makes the information accessible to everyone. The two-binder set contains 120 activities from which to build self-esteem workshops. Children, transition-age youths, and adults can all benefit from the good balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of self-esteem in this book.

Loving Me, Print/CD Edition:
Catalog Number: 7-02500-00
Click this link to purchase Loving Me: A Guide to Creating and Presenting Workshops on Self-Esteem.

Loving Me: An Overview Video

Loving Me cover

This video in APH's Homegrown Series takes the viewer to a workshop conducted by Billy Brookshire, author of the Loving Me self-esteem workshop guide. Blind and visually impaired students and adults, parents, teachers, and other professionals participate in workshop activities designed to enhance self-esteem.

Brookshire talks about Loving Me: A Guide to Creating and Presenting Workshops on Self-Esteem, the intended audience, and some of the activities seen in the video. In his down-to-earth style, Brookshire sets the tone for a fun, engaging, and informational workshop, as a student, a parent, and a teacher tell us about their workshop experience.

Catalog Number: 1-30021-00

Catalog Number: 1-330021-DVD
Click this link to purchase Loving Me: An Overview Video.

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