Organize Your Braille Documents with Binders, Folders and Notebooks from APH

Braille Pocket Folders

Braille Pocket Folders

Will hold 11 1/2 x 11 inch braille sheets. Has slant-cut pockets. Punched for 3-ring binder. Made of durable, flexible plastic. Student pack has 3 folders, 1 each: green, blue, and yellow, to match the Floppy Braille Binders below. Office pack has 3 folders, 1 each: red, gray, and black.

Braille Pocket Folders:

Student Pack:
Catalog Number: 1-04294-00

Click this link to purchase the Braille Pocket Folders.

Floppy Braille Binders

Floppy Braille Binders

Durable plastic 3-ring binder designed to hold 11 1/2 x 11 braille sheets. Flexes to fit easily into a backpack. Has an inside pocket. Includes 3 binders, 1 each: green, blue, and yellow.

Floppy Braille Binders:
Catalog Number: 1-04295-00
Click this link to purchase the Floppy Braille Binders.

Braille Notebooks, 3-Ring

Braille Notebook

Two popular sizes. Made of heavy-duty board covered with vinyl. Will hold approximately 100 sheets of braille paper.

Azure Blue, for 8 1/2 x 11 inch braille paper:
Catalog Number: 1-04320-00
Note: Azure Blue Notebook not available on Quota.

White, for 11 1/2 x 11 inch braille paper:
Catalog Number: 1-04380-00
Click this link to purchase the 3-Ring Braille Notebook.

Dividers for Braille, 3-Hole Punch

Dividers for Braille

Dividers will fit the Azure Blue or the White 3-Ring Braille Notebooks. Are a heavy manila stock with an extra 1/2 inch edge that can be brailled with the subject of the division.15 dividers per pack.

9 x 11 inches (for Azure Blue Notebook):
Catalog Number: 1-04225-00

12 x 11 inches (for White Notebook):
Catalog Number: 1-04226-00
Click this link to purchase the Dividers for Braille, 3-Hole Punch.

Pocket-Size Notebook, 6-Ring

Pocket-Size Notebook

Bound in imitation leather. Will hold approximately 50 sheets of 3 3/4 x 5 3/4 inch braille or new bold line paper (not included). Has a pocket designed to hold a Postcard Slate and a cloth page marking strip. Stylus can be tied to the cloth strip. Tabs make this notebook an organizer (sold separately).

Pocket Notebook:
Catalog Number: 1-04280-00

Braille Paper for Pocket Notebook (approximately 250 sheets):
Catalog Number: 1-04390-00

Bold Line Paper for Pocket Notebook, (approximately 250 sheets):
Catalog Number: 1-04392-00

Pocket Notebook Tabs (Two sets of tab pages, 3-cut tabs):
Catalog Number: 1-04389-00
Click this link to purchase the 6-Ring Pocket-Size Notebook and paper.

Spiral Pocket Notebook

Spiral Pocket Notebook for Braille

Each notebook contains 50 pages of 80 pound white braille paper. Spiral binding makes it easy to handle. Notebook measures 3 x 5 1/2 inches. Sheets are perforated and measure 3 x 5 inches when removed. Works easily with APH's Janus Slate. Six notebooks per package.

Spiral Pocket Notebook(pack of 6):
Catalog Number: 1-04301-00
Click this link to purchase a Spiral Pocket Notebook (for Braille).

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